“Spiritual practice is cooperating with the spiritual instinct. It just so happens that when you cooperate with it,
it opens up this world of possibilities.” ~ Adyashanti, The Extraordinary Mystery of You 

April 2020 News & Offerings 

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A Letter to the Sangha from Adyashanti

My Dear Friends,

I want to reach out and express my love and concern for you all. When I think of all of you that I have interacted with at retreats, intensives, teaching meetings, internet courses, gathering groups, and evening talks over these many years, I am reminded of your great love and dedication to realizing the spiritual nature of all beings. I also think of those of you from around the world that I have not had the good pleasure to see at an Open Gate Sangha program, but who have watched videos or listened to teachings on our website, YouTube, Facebook, or other forms of outreach over these many years. My heart feels wide and outreaching when I consider . . . READ FULL LETTER

Praying at the foot of Buddha

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To supplement the two complimentary downloads we usually provide each month, Open Gate Sangha has provided these additional free downloads to perhaps provide some comfort and wisdom as we weather these turbulent times together.

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The teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti are oriented toward awakening to your true nature as efficiently as possible, and embodying the awakened condition in your humanity, within the context of your everyday life. To begin exploring their teachings, they recommend that you review their most foundational talks, dialogues, and writings, which you can find on their Introduction to the Teachings pages.

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Podcast interview with Jerilyn Munyon

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Special teaching:

  • Connecting to the Divine Ground of Being
    Being Unlimited Podcast with Jerilyn Munyon ~ Parts 1 & 2 (Access podcast here)

Also, in their Teaching Libraries, you’ll find these timely teachings: 

  • The Antidote to Fear Adyashanti ~ Excerpted from Full Spectrum Wholeness
  • A Meeting of the Heart
    Adyashanti ~ Excerpted from The Quiet Space of Openheartedness
  • The Natural Peace of Awareness Adyashanti ~ Guided Meditation from True Meditation
  • The Sense of Simply Being
    Mukti ~ Excerpted from Who Am I? Revitalized
  • Transmuting Resistance Mukti ~ From Transmuting Resistance
  • The Peace in Arriving
    Mukti ~ Guided Meditation

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Upcoming Complimentary Broadcasts 

  • Live Broadcast with Adyashanti
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    Sun, Apr 5 ~ 4:00 pm PT ~ Special Broadcast Time!
  • Live Broadcast with Mukti Tue, April 14 ~ 6:00 pm PT ~ Special Broadcast!
  • Live Broadcast with Adyashanti
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    Sat, May 2 ~ 11:00 am PT ~ Special Broadcast Time!  

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Upcoming Bay Area Programs  

  • Palo Alto Meeting with Adyashanti - CANCELLED (See below)* Sun, Apr 5
  • Santa Cruz Meeting with Mukti - CANCELLED (See below)*
    Tue, Apr 14 
  • Oakland Meeting with Adyashanti - CANCELLED (See below)*
    Sat, May 2

*Please Note: Due to COVID-19, these meetings have been cancelled and will instead be live video broadcasts. Please see our Broadcast section above for details.

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Reflections from the Sangha

Woman diving into pool

Reflection from the 2019 online retreat, A Revolution of Being, with Adyashanti by Adriana M. Brenes

A Doing That Will Undo You Absolutely

I began listening to Adyashanti’s teachings more assiduously about two years ago, after he appeared in a dream where I saw him walking on deck while I completed my swimming practice. After years of journeying, Adya seems to be the last teacher I have arrived to.

Since March 2019, as soon as I joined the online retreat, I have been constantly submerging my experience in the waters of the teachings. I have experienced “a doing that will undo you absolutely,” in Adya’s words. This is not a job for the faint of heart—the essence of the teachings is slowly colonizing my understanding of what spirituality truly is. Coincidentally, his book The Most Important Thing also came to me at the perfect time.

Until four years ago, I had not experienced meditating. This retreat, with its precise guidance and weekly practices, opened and continues to open my curiosity into what stillness, contemplation, and silence are. Adya’s meditations on the Ground of being and self-giving were pivotal for me and were transformative gifts pointing toward a mature listening practice. I also enjoyed meeting so many fellow pilgrims via the virtual gatherings and the ARC.

As I began to contemplate my own motives, values, and devotion, perhaps for the first time in decades, I began to live with the question of what it means to be alive and embodied in this postmodern time. I am gradually, by grace, learning to live with the questions while trusting the vulnerability of our own humanity and learning to die with dignity on a daily basis.

I see this is a tall order indeed, but the most needed task at hand in this thirsty landscape of the world we inhabit.

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The Intangible Quality of Being

by Adyashanti


Have you ever noticed there is no succession of now’ moments? There isn’t a now, followed by another now, followed by another now, that you’ve got to grab hold of so you can be in the now moment.” 

At the heart of your experience of being right now, there’s an attentiveness—there’s consciousness, and it’s innate. The idea of “you” or “me” being the one who is conscious, that’s an afterthought. It doesn’t exist until we conjure it into being in our minds. If we don’t conjure it into being, or if we just withhold conjuring into being someone who’s attentive, then we can actually come into immediacy, which is an understanding of what it is to be mindful—to be deeply grounded in immediacy. And that’s not quite as simple as people generally think, because “immediate” is before you can think a single thought about it. If you think a thought about it, it’s not immediate anymore—it’s already in the past.

“Immediate” also doesn’t mean you have to stop quickly and try to immediately get hold of something, or otherwise you’re going to lose the immediacy of the moment. The immediacy is also the timeless Now. Immediacy is timeless. It’s not something that lasts for the shortest possible amount of time. 

Have you ever noticed there is no succession of “now” moments? There isn’t a now, followed by another now, followed by another now, that you’ve got to grab hold of so you can be in the now moment. By the time you’ve grabbed the now moment, it’s not now anymore, it’s the next moment. That’s not really an accurate understanding of Now. The Now is timeless, and timelessness isn’t like a spiritual fantasy or an image of timelessness. Timelessness is concretely what it says it is—no time.

Everything that ever occurs happens in this timeless Now. Thirty thousand years ago was the timeless Now. Thirty thousand years hence will be the timeless Now. This moment right now is the timeless Now. There’s something about it that’s quite literally timeless. It’s just the open field of Now.

Even the feeling sense of the passage of time is completely subjective. There’s no dependable sense of time going by. Sometimes a 30-minute meditation can seem to stretch out for hours. Or you might have a meditation where it seems like only a couple of moments have gone by and the bell rings, and it’s been 30 or 40 minutes. To the extent you’re totally absorbed in doing something, time goes by very quickly. When you’re doing something you really don’t want to be doing, and you’re not absorbed, time seems to crawl. But that has nothing to do with the Now. Now is timeless. Now doesn’t last any amount of time.

The timeless isn’t something “out there.” It’s the immediate moment experienced from the deepest, most fundamental dimension of being. The most fundamental dimension of being is timeless. It’s a domain of being where it feels like nothing ever happened, because it’s existing in the timeless Now, and so it’s free from time, even as another part of your being can very much experience the passage of time.

The timeless dimension of our being isn’t about having a timeless experience and leaving it at that. We’re talking about the very Ground of being, that from which all other experiences of being issue forth. They all arise from that timeless Ground, immense with potential, because in the end it’s responsible for the entire experience of being. Just think of how multi-layered and complex your experience of being has been throughout your entire life, including all of your perceptions and things you’ve seen, tasted, touched, felt, and all of that issuing forth from this Ground that seems at first to be quite nothing. I suppose that’s why we human beings look past it for so long.

We need to see even spiritual awakening outside of the context that it’s often talked about in terms of just moments—“a revelatory moment when I had an awakening.” That’s important, but we have to see it in a bigger context because that’s not all there is to it. You can say, “Oh, I had that revelatory moment, so I guess I’m awake,” but awakening is only meaningful in any given moment. In any moment, we’re either awake or asleep, and in that moment, it doesn’t care if we were awake yesterday, or a year ago, or even a second ago. What’s relevant now is “How awake am I in this moment?” That’s the only thing that’s really relevant.

The Now isn’t a moment. It’s a timeless happening, and there’s a dimension of spiritual awakening that isn’t defined as a moment. It doesn’t really have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s far, far deeper than that.

From the February 12, 2020 Adyashanti Broadcast Available as an audio download, The Intangible Quality of Being

April Inquiry

What would it mean to give yourself entirely to the moment and to the spiritual instinct?

What would it mean to give yourself entirely to the moment and to the spiritual instinct?

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Adyashanti, author of The Most Important Thing, The Way of Liberation, Resurrecting Jesus, Falling into Grace, and The End of Your World, is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.  

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