“There is a thread of presence that runs through all, through sickness and health, happiness and sorrow, success and defeat. That thread is what you hold to and weave all through your human self, for it is a pure light of conscious being, ever shining and weaving its way through the forest of all your days.” ~ Adyashanti, A Revolution of Being 2018 

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Sunlight through tree

A Reflection from the 2018 Online Retreat with Adyashanti, by Leslie Erickson

During Adyashanti’s 2018 Online Retreat: “A Revolution of Being: Embracing the Challenge of Awakened Living,” I experienced a shift of identity and desire. I began forsaking other pursuits to spend my time in practices that provide fertile ground for awakening to the consciousness that already and always is—awakening to the true Self, that which is beyond the true Self, and the boundless Totality of Source that is everything.  

During the retreat we were prompted to engage in daily meditation, contemplation, and spiritual exercise, and I’ve continued that now for almost a year. The retreat readied me to fully surrender what resistance I’ve held to awaken to the full reality of existence. When the retreat concluded, I evaluated how I spent my time and reorganized my mornings to give time and attention to the activities I value most—meditation, spiritual practice, contemplation, and writing—and I am following that schedule joyfully. 

Of course I still must work, and I still must play, and I must love and give and go about the daily tasks that sustain my physical presence in this world. But instead of thinking of and returning to awakening every now and then, it is the overarching reality I awake to every morning and go to sleep with every night; it is all-encompassing and has redefined who I am and every decision I make.  

With deep gratitude, I realize the practices Adya prescribed during the retreat facilitated this movement of awakening consciousness from “stage-right” to “center stage,” and my life, now, is dedicated to waking up to my true nature and embodying that wakefulness. Today, I regularly weigh my actions by asking if they serve my awakening, the awakening of others, or the betterment of the world. And because of this, my life is richer and transformed.  

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by Adyashanti


“When you feel love or fall in love, that’s a very real feeling to you, and yet you can’t see it, you can’t weigh it; it doesn’t have any objective sort of existence. Nonetheless, we treat it as more real than the things we consider to be real—certainly as more important.” 

When we think of interrelatedness, we usually think of big or small things that are in relationship with one another. However, the way I’m using the word is not like that. I’m not denying that, but there is something deeper than that. Things are actually nothing but interrelatedness itself.  

It’s really hard for a human mind to think that a thing could be nothing but interrelatedness, that interrelatedness itself ends up to be what things actually are. In this sense, things end up to be no-things, and no-things end up to be all things. So when we hear words like no-thing or nothingness, we shouldn’t try to understand that conventionally. In its truest sense, nothingness doesn’t have much to do with nothing. It has to do with interrelationship or interrelatedness.  

And so it is with each of us. When you look inside for your true being, you might say, “Okay, exactly, precisely, what is this thing called ‘me’? What actually is it?” The more you look for it, the more you can’t find it. The reason you can’t find it is because it is nothing but interrelatedness. There’s no substance. There’s no thought, idea, or image to grasp. In that sense, it’s empty, but not empty in the sense of being nonexistent. It’s empty in the sense of being unexpected or inconceivable.  

When you feel love or fall in love, that’s a very real feeling to you, and yet you can’t see it, you can’t weigh it; it doesn’t have any objective sort of existence. Nonetheless, we treat it as more real than the things we consider to be real—certainly as more important. Most people, if they feel love, their love feels more important to them than the solidity of their toaster. The love has no solidity to it at all. It has no objective tangibility to it, and yet, it’s something that one could orient their whole life around.  

The Buddha used to talk about the thusness or suchness of each moment. It means not just each moment, but the thusness or suchness of each apparent thing that we perceive. So when I say being, this is the sense I’m using it in, a similar way that the Buddha used the thusness or suchness of something. When we perceive the thusness or suchness of something, we’re actually perceiving it as being nothing but interrelatedness itself. So this ordinary moment, with nothing particularly unusual about it, is being awareness, and awareness itself is interrelatedness. It’s not like interrelatedness is aware; it’s more like interrelatedness is. It’s not that the interrelatedness is that which is aware—it’s that the interrelatedness is awareness.  

This is probably the fundamental barrier that any of us will bump into in spirituality: the barrier between awareness and the objects of awareness. The fundamental duality is that there is this world of things, and then there’s seeing and experiencing this world of things, and somehow those two are different. One of the great misunderstandings about unity is the belief that it reduces the world to a sort of homogenized “goo” of agreement. Actually, in some ways it’s almost the opposite. It frees the uniqueness in you, and it frees you to allow the uniqueness in others. Uniqueness flourishes when we see the unity of things. It doesn’t get flattened out—just the opposite. You just stop arguing with the difference that isn’t like yours.  

When you have two viewpoints that are open to interrelating, almost always something will arise if you stick with it long enough, if you’re sincere, if you’re openhearted, if you actually want the truth more than you want to win or be right. Eventually something will bubble up from that engagement that’s truer than either one began with. If you have two people who are openhearted and see the truth and usefulness, even the utility, of really relating, they’ll see that, and both people walk away feeling like “Gosh, I feel good about that, like we both win because we both discovered more than we started with.”  

The unity of things isn’t that there are no differences. It isn’t that a tree doesn’t look different than the sky, or behave differently than the sky, or have a different kind of life than the sky. The unity is that a tree—an object—is nothing but interrelatedness. The sky is nothing but interrelatedness, and the awareness of things is itself nothing but interrelatedness. That’s an explanation that is coming from a way of perceiving. That’s what enlightenment really is: seeing that the seeing and what one is aware of are one simultaneous arising. It’s an arising that’s always flowing because interrelatedness isn’t static—it’s ever flowing.  

That’s why I’m always saying that this is really about a kind of vision, not in the sense of having visions, but the quality of our vision, the quality of our perception when we can perceive without the dualistic filter. What seems to be this impenetrable sort of barrier between us and things, us and the world, us and each other, is fundamentally between our consciousness and what consciousness is conscious of. That seemingly basic and immovable sense that there is a fundamental difference, a fundamental separation, is what’s really dispelled when our insight gets deep enough.  

At the deepest level, the most fundamental level, interrelationship is just that—it’s interrelating. It’s not things interrelating. Things end up to be themselves interrelatedness. When vision becomes clear, that’s what we perceive. The world becomes not a world of things, but of interrelatedness. 

Excerpted from “The World of Interrelatedness,” April 10, 2019 ~ Garrison, NY 

Available as an audio download, The World of Interrelatedness.  

August Inquiry

Every time we say "I" what do we mean?

Every time we say "I" what do we mean?

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Stepping Out of Time

Stepping Out of Time

The sense of separate self is largely built of thoughts of one's past and future, which give rise to a virtual inner reality, bound in time—leaving one longing for the Supreme Reality. Mukti speaks of a response to this longing: a conscious recognizing of how one's mind and body organize around time and a conscious attending to the eternal present. Through guided meditation, a talk, and dialogues, Mukti invites a stepping out of time—out of its binding patterns and conceptual boxes—to bring forth the alive, fresh expression of our true and timeless being.  

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