“Soulful connection has the sense of the sacred, even in the most ordinary moments.” ~ Adyashanti, The Intangible Quality of Being 

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Reflections from the Sangha

praying hands

Reflection from the 2019 Netherlands Retreat with Adyashanti by Maria

No Expectations

We are asked to come to retreat without expectations, but to be honest, I have always had a wish list. Last year, I hoped attending a retreat with Adya would help my rheumatoid arthritis sufficiently so I would not have to start heavy medication. However, as the days of retreat went by, my hands remained swollen and painful.  

One day, I went to the chapel and, in an angry tone, asked what I call God, “Why have you forsaken me?” I was startled to receive a response: “I not once left you, but I never promised to cure your arthritis.” The response was so loud and audible to me that I was surprised the others in the room did not hear it. Later I got the message, “But something else is in the process of being healed—you will realize what after the retreat.”  

Very early the next morning, as I was reserving my seat in the meditation room, I turned around and saw a man doing the same thing. He smiled, I smiled—nothing more. Both dressed in our night clothes, we silently went back to our respective rooms. 

That smile, exchanged with a so-called stranger, was the first step in my being able to let go of a visceral fear of men I've had. And over the last months, since the retreat, I have had the opportunity in a meditation group, a dance group, and a coaching class to meet and exchange with men at a deep, safe level.  

I am still single with no life partner in sight, and I am about to try my fourth strong immune-suppressing medication for arthritis. However, that last retreat really changed my life for the better in a most unexpected way—and I learned that healing sometimes happens when I have no expectations.

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Innate Knowledge of the Unknown

by Adyashanti


“The Unknown is actually the absolute necessary ground from which to engage in any deep form of spirituality—without that, it’s just a bunch of ideas.” 

There is a power unlike any other power, force, or energy, when we’re connected deeply with the way our spiritual instinct communicates to us. You usually know it because there’s a kind of intensity about it. It’s an orientation—a spiritual instinct, you might say. When you get connected to how it’s speaking to you, and how you experience it without the veils of what we imagine it should be like, then we come upon a profoundly transformational energy.

There’s a way of listening to our spiritual instinct where we don’t leave ourselves in the listening. It’s to be connected or rooted in an intuitive way, into what’s often a very quiet dimension of being. We do need to stay rooted, but there are different ways of being rooted, of being connected. There’s being connected in a way that’s rigid—“My way or the highway”—being so rooted that one is rigid and can’t actually let anything in. A lot of people, when they’re open and they start to listen deeply, stop being deeply rooted and connected within themselves; they’re listening in an abstract way. And then there’s a way of being connected that’s very fluid and dynamic, where we’re actually rooted but open.  

In order to come upon that which is really uniting, we just relinquish our grasp. What we relinquish our grasp on isn’t as important—we could say “on everything.” When we start to relinquish our grasp on any particular point of view, what we start to come into as a living experience of being is a very intimate connection with what in spirituality is often called the Unknown. The Unknown is actually a bit more simple, approachable, and available than people think it is. We make some extraordinary fantasy out of the great Unknown, when at least to begin with, the Unknown is right underneath whatever we’re clinging to.  

We cling to things in direct proportion to how much doubt they cover over. The things we hold most tightly, we hold tightly because they’re concealing doubt. If there was no doubt, why would anybody hold them tightly? You don’t hold tightly to the idea of being a human being, let’s say. Most people don’t clutch to that particularly tightly. To them it simply seems to be so obvious that they don’t need to clutch to it.  

When we begin to open, we begin to experience this potentially wonderful domain of not knowing. If you want to be united really quickly, just come into the domain of not knowing. Or let’s just call it uncertainty: “Maybe I’m not so certain about the things I think I’m pretty certain about.” Maybe a different kind of energy gets in there, a different kind of curiosity: “I’m not so certain.” The Unknown is actually the absolute necessary ground from which to engage in any deep form of spirituality—without that, it’s just a bunch of ideas.  

The beginning foundation—even if it doesn’t sound like a foundation—is actually the willingness not to know, or at least the willingness not to be certain. We start to hold things a little more loosely. When we start to hold things less tightly, the veils through which we tend to perceive things just naturally start to settle. If it doesn’t start with some visceral sense of not knowing, we’re not going to get very far.  

In our culture, not knowing is not highly valued, but spiritually, it’s one of the highest values there is. When we open ourselves to the mystery of being, that’s always the doorway—whether it’s the mystery of who you are, the mystery of life, the mystery of God, or the mystery of somebody who’s had a kind of spiritual opening and they’re wondering how they can embody it and live from it.

If you’ve never experienced yourself as a living mystery, a mystery unto you, give it a try. It’s actually very pleasant. It’s not the resolution of the question, of course, but it’s much more liberating than someone’s idea of themselves.

The Unknown is the entryway, the doorway. We let ourselves be oriented to the mystery of being—not because it’s a kind of technique, but because until we’ve had any deeper awakening, we don’t actually know. That’s the truth of the matter: until we know, we don’t know. But the way to know is to allow yourself not to know. That’s the paradox.  

From the Oakland Meeting, November 2019 Available also as an audio download, Innate Knowledge of the Unknown.  

Disassembling the Psychological Self

This Month’s Complimentary Downloads 

Disassembling the Psychological Self The psychological self can come apart either piece-by-piece or all at once. What are you when the form of “you” disassembles itself? In this talk from his silent retreat at Woudschoten Conference Center in August 2019, Adyashanti reveals the formless consciousness that presents itself when complete and effortless letting go happens. 

Recorded in Zeist, The Netherlands in August 2019. © 2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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Intelligence of the Whole

Intelligence of the Whole There is an inherent and whole intelligence of life that is always working within us. As Mukti makes apparent in this talk from her Santa Cruz meeting in September 2019, by being more conscious of—and in alignment with—this intelligence of the universal body, not only can we move in a way that is more seamless and unified, but also we can contribute in a reciprocal flow to the collective consciousness.

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California in September 2019. © 2019 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

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Adyashanti, author of The Most Important Thing, The Way of Liberation, Resurrecting Jesus, Falling into Grace, and The End of Your World, is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.  

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