“Get the sense and feel of your own beingness when your mind gets to the edge of itself. . . . You are the doorway to the Infinite.” ~ Adyashanti, Gateways to Clarity, 2010 Boulder Intensive

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Being Unlimited - Podcast with Adyashanti

Being Unlimited ~ Podcast with Adyashanti

We are excited to announce Adyashanti’s new podcast series, Being Unlimited! These donor-supported conversations are aimed at exploring and awakening to the unlimited expressions of our true being.  

To listen to Adyashanti’s latest podcasts, please visit beingunlimited.org. 

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In Adyashanti’s first podcast (a 2-part recording), he speaks with purpose guide Jonathan Gustin about how to discover your soul’s purpose and unlock your authentic destiny. 

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  • Oakland Silent Meditation Day with Adyashanti Sat, Sep 7
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  • Spirit Rock Intensive with Adyashanti Sat, Sep 14 
  • Santa Cruz Meeting with Mukti Tue, Sep 17

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Reflections from the Sangha

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A Reflection from the 2019 Toronto Intensive with Adyashanti, by Kali Munro

After attending Adyashanti’s recent intensive weekend in Toronto in April of 2019, I had the most beautiful, transformational experience.  

I was fortunate to be sitting in the front row both days. People asked a lot of good questions about trauma and Adya gave many great responses. I could feel it stirring my own trauma, which I welcomed.  

That night I plunged deeper than ever into a sexual assault memory. Simultaneously, I felt totally okay, expansive, and untouched by it all. I was everything, all space, and I was holding my wounded humanness in overflowing unconditional Love and gold light. It was beautiful!  

I could move between being the one holding it all and the human plunging into the memory and being all of it at the same time. It was incredibly freeing. I was all Love. I could fully and easily plunge into a memory so disturbing that after many years of therapy I had mostly avoided it. Now I know why. It was just too much to hold this memory without being deeply grounded in true nature.  

At the time, I vibrated, expressed feelings, and moved my body, all while immersed in and held by Divine Love. In the coming week, I talked about it, had an EMDR therapy session, and in a few more days, it felt completely done. A memory that had been too hard to even talk about with trusted people was done! New insights emerged. I could see that they (the ones who hurt me) didn’t know what they were doing. It wasn’t personal. They weren’t trying to hurt me, but they did. I, who I most fundamentally am, was never harmed. I feel Love for them. I even sensed a longing from one or more of them to be forgiven. While initially I needed to say no, a week later, when asked again, I said, of course! All is forgiven. I send you Love! All I ask is, please respect women.  

What has stayed with me since is a much deeper sense that all is okay, and all is forgiven. I feel more alive than ever, and experience a deeper, more profound Love of all.  

Thank you, Adyashanti, for everything.  

The biggest embrace of love you'll ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you’ll realize you've just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everybody in it. ~ Adyashanti 

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by Adyashanti


“Of course, whenever we see and experience an aspect, a facet, of the jewel of enlightenment, we’re touching upon the whole diamond.” 

The Sandokai is a fundamental scripture that is chanted in Zen monasteries and temples throughout the world. “San” means “many,” “do” means “sameness” or “oneness,” and “kai” means to shake hands, as in friendship. So, it’s the many things and the One in relationship, which is a way of depicting true nature, or reality. It was written by a Zen master, Sekito Kisen, in the eighth century.  

One of the themes that runs through the Sandokai is the theme of light and dark. In the West, we have a relatively surface understanding of light and dark. The light is thought of as good, and the dark is bad or evil, but that’s not the way it is used in the Sandokai. Sekito uses the sense of the dark for the great reality, that great unknown terrain where all things are unified, where they all come together in a single source. And light is being used as the light of our consciousness, which sees differences. When you open your eyes, a tree looks different from a rock, and the sky looks different from the ground. It’s the light of consciousness that discriminates. Mostly the light forgets the dark and gets stuck in its immediate perceptions of difference. It loses the sense of the source, where all things come together.  

When you’re paying deep attention, you see that the dark is a metaphor for quiet, the silence, or the great ground of being. You see that all things and all experiences arise out of that dark. A thought simply appears. A feeling simply appears. Where it appears from, you don’t know. It comes seemingly out of nowhere, the great expanse of pure unmanifest potentiality. When you’re just sitting there attending to your own experience, each moment of experience simply arises, and then it passes and disappears into the dark.  

The wonderful thing about Sekito is that his vision, his enlightenment, went deep enough to not be attached to either the source—the One—or the many. Of course, whenever we see and experience an aspect, a facet, of the jewel of enlightenment, we’re touching upon the whole diamond. In just the same way, when we have a realization experience, some facet of reality is revealed to us, and each facet feels totally complete. We’re filled with a kind of confidence of that completeness. And yet, there are high-level delusions, even in deep states of realization, or enlightenment. It takes quite a bit of real vision to see that and not get hung up on some of the high-level delusions that are innate in various forms of awakening.  

One of those high-level delusions is that, because each facet of reality feels so complete, we may not allow any other facets of reality into our view; we may think they’re simply illusions. When you have an experience of the One—the all-encompassing ground of being—the world of diversity can look, at least for a while, like a flimsy illusion. It’s easy to conclude that the source, the ground, is real but the rest isn’t. It is real, it is the ground, it is the fundamental source, but each distinct expression is also a complete expression of the source, and so each thing is itself the great totality.  

In essence, as Sekito would remind us in his sutra, we live in two worlds. One is the sort of pinprick of the known terrain of our life. What our light of consciousness recognizes, sees, and imagines that it knows is this small terrain of life that’s illuminated by what we think we know. The other is the world of the absolute, that immensity of existence that lies outside of what we’re conscious of—that which is generating our experiences and also our thoughts that just come out of the dark.  

You can be sitting in meditation and all of a sudden you might feel like you’re encountering the dark, which often evokes a kind of fear. Whether the dark is of the exterior world or it’s the interior world, this is the terrain of our actual existence, of what we know and what we don’t know. It is the immensity of existence that is generating the life that we are conscious of. It can be generating your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions, and your dreams.  

Where do your dreams come from at night? They come from this immense terrain of your unconscious, which seemingly knows no bounds. And that’s the culmination of the change to “I am not just what I think I am. The world is not what I think it is. It is not contained within the confines of the little piece of terrain that I’m conscious of, whether it’s what I think about myself, what I feel, what I imagine, my past, my history, or my hoped-for future.” All of a sudden you realize, “I’m not defined simply by this tiny terrain of the known. And the great expanse of the unknown is not some menacing, lurking danger outside of me. It’s actually simultaneously what I am—the totality of being itself.”  

All revelation is born in the dark. When you let go of clutching onto the certainty of what you know and open your eyes like a newborn, as if for the very first time, you are surprised to find that the world you had imagined to be real was nothing more than a dream, one fabricated assumption after another. By stepping into the long-ignored silence of our aloneness and directing the light of our consciousness beyond the current frontier of our knowing, we allow the great unknown dimensions of life to find us and remain faithful to the work of our yearning. 

Excerpted from “The Great Expanse of Darkness,” May 23, 2019 ~ Tahoe City, CA 

Available as an audio download, The Great Expanse of Darkness.  

Beyond the Personal Will

This Month's Complimentary Downloads

Beyond the Personal Will  

In this classic recording, Adyashanti discusses what happens when the motivating force of personal will starts to erode. “Realization of no-self is one thing; having personal will wither away into nothing is another.” It is only in the ebbing of this will that we come to know what the spiritual journey is about: the flowering of truth.  

Recorded on September 6, 2006, in Palo Alto, CA. © 2006-2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.  

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Let Down & Let Be

Let Down and Let Be

In this complimentary guided meditation, Mukti emphasizes that meditation is an opportunity for our entire system to be relieved of all its concerns, even the effort to manage, track, or label experience. By allowing every part of our system to be just as it is, we come to rest and saturate in simply being. (This 30-minute recording includes a guided meditation followed by a period of silence and a bell.)  

Recorded April 2013, in Boulder Creek, CA. © 2013-2019 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

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The Work of Redemption

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The great freedom is found when we realize that what we are does not depend on whatever the narration of the moment is—good, bad, indifferent, whatever it might be.  ~ Adyashanti

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